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        We are very fortunate to live in a community where business, education and community access television work together to provide unique opportunities for all. Through this partnership we gain a better understanding of the role each of us play within the community. Business and education alike emphasize the importance of quality standards that contribute to continued success. Just as businesses look to promote success, so does public education and community access television .

        We invite you to join WCET -TV along, with Grandville, Hudsonville and Jenison Area Schools in emphasizing the success of our volunteers and employees through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. WCET -TV, our public access channel, is known as “the place to turn” for community information, community events, sports, special features and board - council meetings. Each week offers a different programming schedule to reach as many viewers as possible. You can find WCET -TV’s weekly program schedule in the Advance Newspaper.

         Although we do not have “Nielsen Ratings,” we know people watch ! We get many phone calls requesting copies of games, requests for schedules and inquiries about other programming. As you can see, sponsoring on WCET -TV is a great opportunity for your company. You are supporting community television while informing the community about your business. It’s a win - win situation! 

        If you have questions or would like a sample video tape, please call (616) 669-3332. We appreciate your time in considering this offer.

          WCET -TV has a wide variety of programs. You can sponsor sports, plays, musicals, community events, parades and fairs. For information call: Allan or Faith at 616 - 669 - 3332

        WCET -TV has programs that feature students from Grandville, Hudsonville and Jenison High Schools and each of the elementary and Christian Schools in these areas. Programs include student plays, musical performances, community outreach programs like “The Georgetown Journal“, parades and fairs.

         WCET -TV is a community access station whose goal is to provide training to the community, in production, in- studio and on-location training with support staff to assist in the creation of locally produced television. These programs consist of religious, educational, governmental and public interest. This station is unique in that the viewer makes the difference. All of the programming is based upon community interest and involvement. Input from viewers is used to creating the best possible means of communication to serve public interest.

         With your best interest in mind and with respect for your community, and school we wish to make known to you our by-laws. According to our by-laws, WCET -TV cannot sponsor or promote any product with pornographic material. Nor can we sponsor or promote tobacco or alcoholic products. We are proud to serve your communities and your school. Please support us in our endeavors to follow our by-laws. 

     You have four options as a WCET -TV Sponsor: 

1. Fall Season - 20 Varsity Football games 

2. Winter Season - 40 Varsity Basketball games 

3. Spring Season - 10 Varsity Baseball or Softball games

 4. Sponsor all three seasons and you can save: 

1. Fall season $500 / 20 events/ 4 airings each* 

2. Winter Season $700 / 40 events/ 4 airings each* (

3. Spring Season $300 / 10 events/ 4 airings each* 

4. All Three Seasons $1500 (approx. $2.00 per event) 

    All WCET-TV Sports, Bands, Plays, Parades, etc.

        As a WCET -TV Sports Sponsor, you will receive: A fifteen second video messages per game and audio mentions by the announcer.

To Sponsor other programs you can contact Allan L. Dodds or Faith Gross at (616) 669-3332 

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                                           WCET -TV Studio are located at 5037 32nd Ave.  Hudsonville, MI 49426  WCET -TV phone number is 616-669-3332  e-mail: adodds@hpseagles.net